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With its origins in ancient times, the Festival of Chariots is the oldest continuously celebrate street festival. Now a global phenomenon, it is celebrate in all major cities around the world; San Fransisco, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, Durban…

What to expect

The festival begins with the parade of the enormous chariot through the streets of Sea Point. Festival goers have the opportunity to become part of the action by joining in the signing and dancing, as well as tugging on the ropes that draw the chariot.

As the procession draws to a close, an open-air tented village becomes the central focus for the rest of the afternoon. Here guests will have the opportunity to wander through the various stalls, which include things like:

  • Cultural entertainment and traditional dancing 
  • Yoga demonstrations and guided meditation sessions 
  • Henna tattoos and face painting
  • An abundance of literature on all things spiritual
  • Sumptuous vegetarian food stall

The festival is very much a family event, with plenty of engagement for the whole family.

The Chariot Procession

The Chariot Procession will begin at 11am with great pomp and ceremony. It will proceed from the promenade up Beach road towards Bantry Bay, and then return along the same route.

Here is a map of the route, with the meeting point available for download.

Timetable of the day

The details of the planned cultural entertainment, traditional dance items, yoga and meditation sessions along with the rest of the planned events will be posted here as soon as they are finalised.